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Truck Trailer coupling

Simple Bluetooth Low Energy system to track record of each detachable item

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What is Truck Trailer coupling?

As long as most of the trucks and agricultural (machinery) already have GPS fleet management systems, another question comes out – How to keep trailer records as well.

findy IoT Bluetooth Low energy product line deliver such a solution and is even compatible with older versions of GPS Fleet management devices and systems.

A BLE Beacon is attached to the trailer and BLE receiver is connected to the GPS fleet management device through RS232 / RS485 or 1-Wire.

Over Omnicom LLS protocol a list of BLE devices is being sent to the GPS device and from there to the Fleet management software.

Optional data is also available:

– Motion state of the BLE Transmitter could be used to identify and parir only moving objects.
– Accelerometer data of the beacon could give an information, about whether the item is in transport mode or in operational mode.
– Magnet sensor provides data or alarms for door opening.
– Temperature sensor could enable temperature logging for certain type of shipment.

Project Start date

Project Start date


Project goal

Project goal

Identify coupling and decoupling of implement

Global service

Project volume

more than 2000 units

Our Partners

System technology

Truck Trailer coupling

Truck or agricultural equipment (machinery)

Third-party GPS tracker

Truck Trailer coupling

RS232/RS485 or 1-wire connection to findy Bluetooth gateway

Radio connection to findy BLE transmitter installed in the trailer or implement

Products used


Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons are set to report once at 50 seconds in motion (for units with motion sensor) or 110 seconds stationary

Data received

Bluetooth Low Energy Gateway is set to send data over RS232 or RS485 over Omnicom LLS Protocol

Chosen solution benefits

  • Long lasting battery
  • Compatibility with old GPS
  • Fleet management units from Teltonica, Ruptela, BCE
  • Competitive price
Truck Trailer coupling
Data received

Data received

- ID of the closest findy IoT Bluetooth receiver
- Motion state / Temperature / Reed switch state
- Battery level

System performance

- BLE Beacons battery lifetime is more than 2 years
- Additional filtering algorithms developed

Project benefits

Project benefits

- Statistics of trailer / implement usage
- Positioning of trailer / implements
- Maintenance information based on work hours of each unit
- Retro fitting on existing GPS Fleet management systems
- Toll taxes calculations

Project Results

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