About us

FindyIoT is a Next-Gen Internet of Things (IoT) solutions company. We are an engineering company with over 12 years of expertise in developing and manufacturing Low Power IoT products for security, insurance, industrial, SMART City, SMART farming, and asset management. We share a passion for creating innovative technology solutions with easy-to-use tools, services, and FindyIoT platforms that accelerate the adoption of IoT.

Enabling IoT Adoption

From initial prototyping to production, FindyIoT brings the entire IoT initiative under a single roof. We can help drive your IoT initiatives to increase customer engagement & monetize new business models with improved efficiency and lower costs.

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Our Vision

FindyIoT’s vision is to empower businesses across industries with innovative IoT products and smart solutions that seamlessly integrate with enterprise applications and cloud platforms to deliver higher value.

Transport & Logistics Solutions - findy IoT

Our Specialized Services

End-to-end IoT solutions:

Enhanced sensor solutions


End-to-End IoT Solution Development


End-to-End IoT Solution Development


End-to-End IoT Solution Development


End-to-End IoT Solution Development


– Choosing the suitable sensor for IoT.

– Hardware development and set up of communicator.

– Connectivity solutions – Machine-to-machine SIM cards.

– Servers – advanced Device Management IoT platform with API for integration with third-party systems.

– End-user application – tailor-made views and functionality to match the exact use case.

About us - findy IoT


We have a highly-equipped IoT lab with high-end equipment focused on developing low-power solutions.

Our partner brands include:

Quality Assurance (QA) in IoT

We have a 4-level quality control check system for each unit we produce to ensure it meets all the requirements and performs efficiently. 

Electrical test of the product

Electrical test of the product

Independent of a vehicle's wiring system

Automated optical inspection

Track & Optimize processes

Functional testing of all the components

Low power consumption

Power consumption measurement of each unit

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