Simplify Device Management with a Unified IoT platform

We enable organizations to manage assets quickly with FindyIoT device management solutions. Our end-to-end IoT device management solution has in-depth functionalities that help manage your devices’ entire lifecycle– from planning and onboarding to monitoring, maintenance, and decommissioning devices.

Leverage the best-in-class device management solution from FindyIoT


Connect your devices with a few clicks in minutes to access connectivity solutions that automatically accommodate device capabilities and data.


Our robust architecture makes your solution scalable from the proof of concept (POC) stage across all devices and allows bulk updates to IoT devices.

Better Safety


Our solutions secure connected devices and related data with optimal governed security measures. Our platform features include secure multi-tenancy and encryption.

Manage devices effectively with the FindyIoT Device management platform

Discover an extensive range of user-friendly features that come with the FindyIoT platform.

Comprehensive Device Management

Manage and allocate all device groups, names, and types.

Device management - findy IoT
Software - findy IoT

Customizable views

The platform offers customizable views of the user interface based on the capabilities and configuration of each device.

Configuration management

Efficient configuration management, using data validation for each configuration parameter of all devices.

Configuration management - findy IoT
Data storage - findy IoT

Data storage

We archive all the data reports and configuration history in the database for ten years.

Audit trail

Users can view detailed visual reports on configuration changes and user activity logs on the IoT platform. 

Audit trail - findy IoT
Firmware management - findy IoT

Firmware management

We offer Over-the-air (OTA) updates of the device and firmware repository. 

SIM Card management

Users can activate, suspend, resume or change the service profile on each device’s SIM card.

SIM Card management - findy IoT
Data processing - findy IoT

Data processing

FindyIoT platform can store and forward raw data or data processed on predefined rules to third-party applications. 

Alarm on events

Users can set rules for the devices to enable sending alarms or automatic commands. (For example, you can configure a command in the device to send a warning if the temperature rises above a certain level.)

Alarm on event - findy IoT
Monitoring - findy IoT


the FindyIoT platform monitors each device type and can proactively make auto-recovery procedures for devices to fix any unexpected events or issues.

User management

One can set flexible user levels, customizable user roles, and groups.  

User management - findy IoT
Reporting - findy IoT


One can generate manual or scheduled reports from the platform based on IoT data

API integration

The findyIoT platform has robust REST API enabling third-party applications to send commands and receive data from other IoTs. 

API integration - findy IoT

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