Connecting smart e-Mobility IoT solutions to your digital life

Connectivity, personalization, and mobility integration are a part of our digital lives. From an urban mobility perspective – tracking assets on the move, theft protection, telemetrics in e-bikes, and predictive maintenance IoT solutions, we have e-mobility solutions across various industry verticals that enhance safety and productivity.

Using a comprehensive technology stack, we develop sustainable e-mobility designs and solutions that scale to meet new demands

We use a variety of sensors to provide a comprehensive range of e-mobility solutions:

Track and monitor asset location in real-time with geolocation mapping services.

GPS tracking

Motion sensor

Motion sensor

Better Safety

Smart lock management

Accelerometer and gyroscope

Accelerometer and gyroscope

USB charger

USB charger

Gain data insights

Engine statistics

Long battery charge

Battery management

Smart e-bike

Our eMobility solutions use a variety of sensors and information from them to make smart e-bike solutions. Some of our innovative Smart e-bike solution benefits include:

Theft protection: Track and monitor your bike at all times and keep it safe.

Remote monitoring: Remotely monitor your bike through mobile apps. 

Predictive maintenance: Get early warnings of battery performance and other engine statistics for timely maintenance.

Fall detection: Motion sensors can help track bike falls and provide insights into damages.

Longer battery life: Save costs with FindyIoT devices having a long battery life.

Solutions - findy IoT

Gain Additional Advantages:

Retrofitting old GPS fleet management devices

Hidden GPS Tracking

We provide optimal tiny hidden GPS tracking devices that are difficult to detect in vehicles and help prevent theft.

Motion sensor

Detect movement

Detect any vehicle movement with motion sensors.

FindyIoT warranty

Insurance advantages

An increasing number of European insurance companies are ready to offer discounts on vehicles with GPS devices.

Bike and Scooter Sharing & fleet management

New technologies and business models have made sharing of scooters, bikes, and other vehicular fleets easy and trackable. 


FindyIoT devices help secure these assets by monitoring and tracking each independent unit along with detailed usage statistics, remote locking, and damages by detecting any fall besides service and maintenance details.


We offer mobile apps using LTE-connected IoT with Bluetooth solutions that help IoT users quickly find their bikes or scooters, unlock mechanical locks, and have trip statistics and billing information.


As a fleet operator, you can gain the location of each asset, battery information, and safety and usage details. Our IoT solutions can get integrated with other SaaS platforms and mobile apps. Fleet operators providing bikes for rentals or food delivery operators stand to gain by monitoring their fleet of bikes efficiently.

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