Collaborative Partnerships for Business-driven IoT

FindyIoT has pioneered a range of devices and sensors able to work under the tough and demanding conditions of most business and industrial environments. We collaborate with an expansive partner ecosystem of IT integrators. 

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Benefit from expertise that delivers simplified quality IoT solutions

The IoT ecosystem comprises various technologies enabling complex deployments needing quality expertise. FindyIoT collaborates with leading manufacturers and telecom services globally to serve as a one-stop source provider. 

We offer unique IoT reseller opportunities that help businesses increase efficiency and productivity and accelerate time to market with higher-value IoT solutions.

Software - findy IoT
Software - findy IoT

Combine vendor relationships into a powerful partnership

When you partner with FindyIoT you can skip working and coordinating with a variety of OEMs, device manufacturers, and service providers. We provide all the elements to configure, deploy and service IoT opportunities.

Wider product portfolio to enhance IoT business solutions

The IoT business landscape is getting crowded with multiple types of solutions, and it becomes critical to differentiate your business offerings. We enable new revenue streams with our diversified portfolio of IoT products and services and ready-to-use solutions across industries.

Software - findy IoT

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Based on our customers’ specific challenges and requirements, we build an expert team to craft our core IoT solutions. We believe in openness and trust to create innovative solutions.

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