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Personal Tracking

Solution to secure and monitor the position of people

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What is Personal Tracking?

Personal tracking solution with a panic button is designed for elderly people, kids, and security personnel.

It features an easy-to-use panic button that can alert emergency services and family members or monitoring center if the user is in danger.

The device is equipped with a reliable GPS tracker and indoors Wi Fi positioning to provide real-time location updates.

The device is powered by a durable and long-lasting battery and includes a range of additional features such as alerts and notifications.

Project Start date

Project Start date


Project goal

Project goal

Improvement of business processes and security

Global service

Project volume

more than 1000 units

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System technology

Personal Tracking


Handheld GPS tracker

GPS from satellites

Global service

GSM Network

findy IoT platform

findy IoT platform

findy Mobile App

Products used

Compact wearable GPS tracker with S.O.S panic button. It supports GSM 2G, GPS/GLONASS/Galileo, Wi-Fi and cellular positioning.


IoT is set to stand by all the time and location report interval is set so it sends GPS or WiFi location

When the S.O.S button is activated the mobile application sends an alarm notification and live tracking starts automatically for 10 minutes

User can request location by the mobile application anytime

Chosen solution benefits

  • Longest battery life on the market
  • Strong cellular and GNSS antenna
  • Easy to use mobile application
  • Integrated solution of hardware, software and connectivity
Personal Tracking
Data received

Data received

- Battery level
- Location - Latitude, Longitude, Accuracy
- Alarm from S.O.S button

System performance

- Personal tracking devices last from 10 hours in Live tracking to 20 days in strand by mode
- Alarms are received up to 20 seconds after button is activated

Project benefits

Project benefits

- Better performance of onsite workers
- Scam and theft detection

Project Results

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