Pivot monitoring system

Remote monitoring of pivot irrigation process

Pivot monitoring system

What is Pivot monitoring system?

An IoT for agriculture pivot monitoring system is a comprehensive system that uses connected sensors, data analytics, and cloud computing to provide real-time, actionable insights into the state and performance of agricultural pivots. Through the system, farmers can get detailed statistics on the coverage area, irrigation rate and other metrics for their pivots.

The sensors can detect the position and speed of the pivot and relay the data to a central cloud-based platform, where it can be analyzed to provide information on the current state of the pivot. With this data, farmers can quickly identify and take corrective action to improve efficiency and productivity.

The system can also be used to monitor the water usage and pressure, as well as track the amount of water lost due to leaks or other issues. Through this system, farmers can minimize water waste, maximize their yields, and save time and money on repairs and maintenance.

Project Start date

Project Start date


Project goal

Project goal

Remote monitoring and management of equipment deployed on distant places

Global service

Project volume

more than 600 units

Our Partners

System technology

Bike sharing



Global service

GSM Network

findy IoT platform

findy IoT platform

Third party application

Products used

Custom hardware


IoT reports all the pivot parameters while the pivot is moving - direction, speed, water pressure, alarms and current angle.

Vehicle anti-theft system

When it is not being used the IoT stops reporting any data.

Chosen solution benefits

  • Integrated low power solution
  • Retrofit to different types of pivots
  • Cost effective
Agriculture Solutions - findy IoT
Data received

Data received

- Direction of movement
- Latitude
- Longitude
- Safety Event
- Safety Alarm
- Speed of rotation
- Current angle
- 4-20mA input
- 0-5V Input
- Safety Occurrence
- Relay 1 state
- Relay 2 state
- Relay 3 state

System performance

- More than 3 years of field work
- Motion detection and power outage notifications
- Pivot malfunction data

Project benefits

Project benefits

- Improved water conservation
- Increased crop yields
- Greater efficiency
- Reduced fertilizer and pesticide use
- Improved soil health
- Cost savings

Project Results

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