Superior medical services with next-gen IoT

We develop innovative IoT solutions for hospitals and healthcare technology startups. Our IoT solutions drive value by facilitating in-patient medical services, empowering healthcare with value-based automated solutions using GPS Tracking and other IoT-based monitoring and positioning solutions.

Quality IoT solutions focus on patient safety, monitoring, and empowering healthcare



Uninterrupted interoperability across healthcare IoT devices and other software systems.

Trouble-free performance

Trouble-free performance

Proper testing and data backup process for sensor readings.

Built-in scalability

Built-in scalability

Ability to connect new devices and extend the power of IoT.

Better Safety

Ultimate security

We have safeguards to ensure our healthcare IoT solutions comply with mandatory regulations.

Inventory tracking

FindyIoT products help track healthcare inventory, like supplies and medical equipment within the hospital area, both indoors and outdoors. Our solutions enable you to locate items precisely and gain an audit trail of all their movements.

Advantages include:

Healthcare Solutions - findy IoT

S.O.S panic button & Monitoring solutions

Our in-patient healthcare solutions include supporting critical patients with handheld trackers having a panic button. The tracker enables staff to see the patient’s location at all times.

If the patient presses the panic button, the hospital staff can rush immediately and provide medical support and treatment.

Monitoring solutions

It also helps proactively monitor patients’ abnormal behavior, so healthcare staff can assist when required.


Our IoT solutions enable healthcare staff to be more watchful and connect with patients proactively by monitoring the activities of patients, their contacts, and healthcare staff and providing statistical data-driven insights to ensure top-notch service.

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